US Students Working Abroad


Due to the economic crisis, and the competition in the job market, many US students are going to work abroad, some even in China. Students trying to start their career after graduation have run into a dead end, finding their opportunities slim to none. Although the unemployment rate as gone down by .1% from last month, some would say we are a long way from an ‘improving economy’. Students in desperate need of employment have left for work abroad, some even leaving for China for temporary job opportunities. One student from Wesleyan University has taken a position with an educational travel company in Shanghai. Although he didn’t know hardly anything about the country, most students are showing a lack of hesitation these days when it comes to their careers. Considering the future is all but bright, and opportunities are few and far between. Working abroad offers more opportunities than just teaching English, which most University graduates are taking advantage of, even if just for temporary work. Most employers have a high demand for individuals ‘capable of communicating with the Western World’.Prolineженские духи лучшиекупить электрическую плитуbuick купитькупить авто с пробегом в литвеуличная MMS-камераMiami list of new construction Miami

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