University of California Students Protest


Students numbering in the thousands have lined up to protest budget cuts because of funding reductions made by the government. Among them are faculty and staff who are also participating in the system wide protest. The budget cuts have lead to layoffs, higher tuition fees, and course reductions. The protest has included rallies, marches, and sit-ins, the largest of which was on the Berkeley campus with 5,000 students participating. 1,000 professors and other staff have signed a petition encouraging students to walk out, and demanding any faculty being paid less than $40,000 will not have a salary cut.

Because of the current economic crisis in California, there is a state wide $2 billion cut in funding for high education. There will even be a 45% increase in tuition fees, more than $10,300 which does not even include housing costs. Enrollment fees will all be raised while the UC also cuts down on it’s classes. The UC President will also be raising student fees by 15%, and another 15% the following year. Hundreds of workers are also being laid off, being replaced by unpaid non-union representatives.консультация по продвижению сайтаукладка ламината стоимость квадратного метраcar seat covers napaагент по недвижимостиПрочие детские товарыSimPal-G4справка в бассейн цена на 200 руб

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