List of College Rankings


One considers many factors when choosing a college. Whether it is the academics, sports, social or party scene, everyone’s priorities are different. The American Institute for Economic Research, or AIER, has made a study that will aid prospective students in researching college environments.

Despite speculation, the ‘AIER represents no fund, concentration of wealth, or other special interests’ so no one profits except for the students utilizing the information from their studies. Even advertising is prohibited in their publications, following a ‘public service’ code of honor, only being funded by loyal subscribers who pay the organization fees.

The list created by AIER rates the finest college environments by first using population categories. Schools are classified as one of the following: major metropolitan area with a population of 2.5 million plus; mid-size at 1.2 million plus; small cities with 250,000 to 1 million and finally college towns with any population under 250,000.

Beyond that, the list also overs the quality of life, academic environment and professional opportunities. Making it obvious that this list will become an essential resource to prospective college students researching their future school.allure духи женскиеинтернет магазин духов туалетной водыремонт игровых приставокex exchange rateкупить в интернете женскую одежду украинаask grandhd hero3 silver edition

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