High Test Scores Pay Off

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In New York City, low-income high school students are being paid for scoring high on Advanced Placement exams. The ‘Rewarding Achievement’ (REACH) is a pay-for-performance program for students who get 3, 4 or 5 on their AP tests. They even get paid bonuses for attending tutoring sessions on the weekend. However, many argue that this contradicts what students should be taught: that performing well in high school allows you to attend college. Not encouraging inner city kids with cash.

In a time of a quickly evolving world, the focus of education should not be placed on test-taking abilities, but learning beyond text books and into leadership and real world skills. Having the emphasis on test results makes the students stray from the purpose of the exam, which is the absorption of the subject in test-preparation through studying.

REACH has been accused of using the wrong means to boost educational opportunities for minority students, by paying students who perform well on tests. Where programs such as QuestBridge have had the right approach. They connect low-income students with the country’s best colleges. This program teaches that they can overcome their financial obstacles and be rewarded with enrollment in a top 5 college to aid them in reaching their goals.духи отзывы форумпродажа быстровозводимых домовcar cover for winterСолнцезащитный экран для автомобиля Hyundaidar el salaam airportgopro 3 silverBinary Options Autotrading

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