Free Tuition for High School Students


Fred Durhal, a Michingan State Representative, has proposed offering free college tuition for high school students. As opposed to taxpayer dollars, his proposal will be funded by lotteries and a percentage of the state’s casino’s income.

Students who wish to qualify for this offer must have a graduation GPA of at least a 2.5. They must then be accepted to any public, private vocational, technical school or college or university in Michigan. Prospective students must also have proof of residency for the state of Michigan for the five consecutive years proceeding high school graduation in order to qualify. They must also participate in one full year of community service, which can include returning to their former high school to be a mentor to a senior by raising their GPA to at least a 2.5.

Durhal, a democrat, hopes for bipartisan support for his new proposal, which has yet to be submitted for official approval. He has formed a workgroup to help him iron out the details before finishing it and presenting it for approval.видеорегистраторы 2016 новинкиЭкран от солнца Dacia для автосколько стоит поездка в африку на сафариfleshlight discountтвнет ирпеньClassic Optionsгде лучшая цена на медицинскую карту ребенка

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